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Trapezi - Fairfield

Trapezi is rated 3.1 out of 5 based on 14 votes.

The quote outside Trapezi’s is apt – “quality produce treated with respect”. The same kindness paid to food is also paid to all of Trapezi’s guests. “No one will walk away hungry” says the owner of Trapezi, George. He was adamant that his young but talented head chef would agree with that too. There is no doubt that this would be the case should anyone walk through the doors of Trapezi. Cool, breezy and thick with the smell of delicious Greek fare, Trapezi will transport you to the Mediterranean without the hangover of that dreaded 24 hour ride. Sip tea at a small table next to tall windows, bare foot, and you will imagine being back to the seaside town of Mediterranean Greece, all sun kissed, salt-haired with fresh earth on the soles of your feet. Trapezi is your European fairytale in Fairfield.

S.L Tan

Address 145b Station Street
Fairfield 3078
Phone (03) 9489 0080
Email trapeziptyltd@yahoo.com.au
Web www.trapezi.com.au
Trading Hours Tue-Sunday: 6pm - late
Live entertainment (Fri)


Frequent Flyer Program (ANZ or QA card)
Private functions

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